Nora Walk Cycle Animation WIP

Work In Progress / 16 May 2020

I just got this Nora and her pet rig and I super excited to work with it.

I just made a really basic block out for a walk cycle for Nora, I want her to look really peppy because her mask is so cute... 

I also cannot wait to get to this little guy:


Rig by Kiel Figgins

Model by Ngoc Chi Nguyen

Concept by Moritz Cremer

Dance Gestures

General / 30 March 2020

I wanted to do something fun so I drew some gestures while watching dance videos 


Wip sketch

Work In Progress / 26 March 2020


Wip sketch… still trying to get used to procreate.

Work In Progress / 08 March 2020

Trying to get used to procreate by drawing the usual spooky creatures...

Walkin' Ferret

General / 21 November 2019

Made a little ferret walk cycle from David OReilly's External World rig


Finished - Little Guy Running Around a Tree

General / 25 July 2019

WIP - Little Guy Running Around a Tree

Work In Progress / 23 July 2019

Base model in Sketchfab, now to start painting textures :)