GRAVE Project

Morgan ward grave

Project card

Morgan ward grave graveshelmet

Hero character - Grave - Helmet

Morgan ward grave gravesnohelmet

Hero character - Grave - No Helmet

Morgan ward martian portrait

Martian character

Morgan ward incindium ai

Ship AI character - INCINDIUM

Morgan ward environment cavern

Environment 1

Morgan ward environment cliff

Environment 2

Morgan ward marsvehicle

Vehicle design

Morgan ward kreiger

Villain character - Krieger

Morgan ward grave 3d 1024x663

Grave Bust Sculpt

Morgan ward kreiger 3d 1024x780

Krieger Sculpt

Video Piece

Thesis work for the conceptual game project GRAVE 2015-2016
Conceptual characters, creatures, environments, and vehicle.
Both 3d sculpts were printed for display

January 15, 2019